CV Drop Timesheets
9th October 2023

The rise in permanent recruitment.

permanent recruitment

One of the reasons for the increase in permanent recruitment is the shift towards remote work, which has become more prevalent during the pandemic. Companies are now exploring the benefits of having permanent employees who can work remotely, providing stability and continuity in their operations.

Additionally, organizations are focusing on building strong teams with diverse skill sets to drive innovation and achieve their long-term goals. Permanent employees are seen as key contributors to the company’s success as they can develop deeper knowledge and expertise in their roles, contributing to increased productivity and improved outcomes.

Moreover, the rise in permanent recruitment can also be attributed to the increasing emphasis on employee retention. Businesses are realizing the importance of investing in their employees and creating a positive work culture to reduce turnover and attract top talent. By hiring permanent employees, organizations can offer stability and long-term career opportunities, which can enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

It is important to note that while permanent recruitment is on the rise, there may still be a place for flexible working arrangements and contract-based roles depending on the specific needs of the organization and industry.

Overall, the rise in permanent recruitment reflects the growing importance of building a strong and stable workforce, driven by the need for continuity, expertise, and long-term success in today’s competitive job market.