CV Drop Timesheets
6th December 2023

How best to work with a recruiter

In a market where candidates often have multiple processes on the go through different avenues i.e. directly interviewing with the business, applying on Linked In, through various recruiters etc. it is important to manage your working relationships effectively.

– Open communication is key – recruiters know and understand that their position may not be your top position that you’re hiring for but there is also the possibility that you may not land your first choice so it’s good to keep options open.
– If you have any concerns on the position or role – raise it with your recruiter – they may be able to address it with the potential employer allaying your concerns
– Be open about what salary you’re hoping to secure – the recruiter wants to get you as much as you can as essentially the more you get the more the recruiter gets
– Even if you have an offer and you don’t want to take it, let your recruiter now – it’s about building long term relationships throughout your career. Don’t burn bridges
– If you can’t get hold of your recruiter – leave them a voicemail and send a follow up email/linked in note

Communication is a 2 way thing and I’m not saying all recruiters are great communicators all of the time but after being in the industry for over 10 years I know I still have great working relationships with many candidates who I’ve worked with who may not have got that job through me, or even turned down a offer that I got them because we were able to have a discussion about what was best for the candidate/client and for me that’s what it’s all about!