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7th November 2022

How To Know If A Company’s Culture Is The Right Fit For You.

Company culture is an important factor for 46% of job seekers.


How can you tell if a workplace is the right fit for you?

Do your research – Check the company’s website, review their social media.. What are their values, and do they align with your personal beliefs? Do they have a good work/life balance?

Make connections – Look for connections on LinkedIn and ask for their insights.

Google the company – Check all platforms including Glassdoor and reviews to see how the company treats their staff and customers. Through checking ‘Companies house’ you can see if the company is still growing or struggling. Knowing any possible issues, gives you an insight into the potential happiness of the staff.

Ask specific questions – During your interview ask anything you would like to know. This could be about progression, benefits, how many people in your team, diversity. Take advantage of the ability to find out anything you would like to know.

Team dynamics – Through pointed questions, connecting on LinkedIn and review sites, you can get an insight into your potential teammates. If you want to find out more, ask if you are able to come in and meet your potential team.

Know yourself – Only you will know what you need from your future role. Make sure you prioritise work culture in order to be happy and stay at your prospective company for longer.

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