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17th October 2022

How to Attract Top Talent into your Business

Recruitment is tough, and all the talk of the rising cost of living can make it difficult to attract/retain top talent into your business.

Some recruiters/candidates will change roles purely for financial reasons and will be drawn to big basics & commissions.

But I don’t believe that’s true of everyone, some companies are managing to attract experienced candidates whilst maintaining growth at an exceptional rate.

ODC is constantly growing, not just in our client base but our staff.  But in a tough market attracting (experienced) recruiters is still one of the most difficult tasks.

We spent some time asking our staff what attracted them to ODC, we also ran a poll on LinkedIn to see what makes a company attractive and what would make them join.

It was really interesting, things that came up regularly included longevity of the business, working environment, good credentialing, and ethical core values.

So, here are the five most important core values to attract recruiters.

  1. Good Work Ethics

Being Ethical is the most important core value needed to attract recruiters. Being Ethical increases your authenticity in front of recruiters and makes you stand out from your competitors. Good work Ethics includes:

– Following the work culture.

– Accept your faults, if any.

– Take notice of any mistakes or errors done by anyone else.


These work ethics motivate others to be ethical and bring stability and order to society. It increases the productivity and profitability of the company as well. That’s why it is one of the essentials required by recruiters.


  1. Don’t tell, show them

Many people just brag about their curriculum vitae, but when it comes to the interview, they cannot prove even what they have written. So this value of showing, not telling, should be fundamentally inculcated by you to attract recruiters. Be honest with yourself. Write only what you have done and what you can.


  1. Experience

There is no substitute for experience. Knowledge is just like bricks, but it is the intrinsic experience that builds a beautiful house or bungalow. This is the same case with the recruiters. Many graduates are coming out of college without any prior work experience. If you are in college, getting a job-oriented internship or workshop is better because it will increase your authenticity and give you industry experience. If you have experience, you will surely attract recruiters.


  1. Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements also play a major role in getting the recruiters’ attention. This value cannot be developed in a short time; it is inculcated over some time while facing extreme hardships and challenges.


  1. Consistency and Perseverance

Every company wants proactive and enthusiastic employees, not lazy and unwilling workers. So, this value of yours will surely get you near the recruiters. Consistency means you are regularly working. You have spent time on the work regularly and have not left the work in between. This value is very important for any business, and that’s why recruiters like it. Perseverance is also needed in one to get the eye of the recruiters because this stands you out from others.


So there you have it, not every recruiter is driven by money alone, and will move roles on that basis.  The above values need to be present in a business/ its employees if they want to attract recruiters and new staff in general.

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