06th September 2023

Why is Owen Daniels Consultancy opening more offices?


ODC recently announced that they are opening an additional office in Gloucestershire, here are our reasons behind the expansion.

It’s good for our team

At ODC we value our employees and strive to be an employer of choice. Through expanding to new areas we are now able to offer more internal roles within both Surrey and Gloucestershire. Having additional offices allows our team to conduct more face-to-face visits with clients whilst also learning new skills from having a multi-site team.

Retaining talent in the region

ODC supports engineering and manufacturing companies across the UK with head office based in Camberley, Surrey. Cheltenham has experienced substantial development in diverse sectors such as aerospace, cyber technology, engineering and manufacturing, generating job opportunities for more than 70,000 people. Expanding into Gloucestershire allows our team to offer extra support to the area.

Room for growth

ODC are an innovative SME that has had significant growth in the last 5 years, We are looking to keep expanding and offering new hubs in other locations to enhance our customer experience by offering more support to the local engineering businesses.

If you are a business within the Engineering/Manufacturing space and are looking for a bespoke recruitment package then please get in touch!