Owen Daniels Wage Bill
19th February 2024

What’s on the Horizon for your Wage Bill in 2024?


Recent updates in wage growth, inflation, and UK job vacancy rates have sparked lively discussions, emphasizing the importance for businesses to strategize wisely for 2024. Here’s a closer look at the evolving landscape and what it means for your wage planning.

The Figures: A Closer Look

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently highlighted a moderation in wage growth, now at 5.8%, down from 2023’s peak of 8.5%. This suggests a resilient job market, albeit with a slowing momentum.

Inflation remains a challenging factor, holding steady at 4%, above the Bank of England’s ideal 2%. Despite this, the government assures us that their strategies are making an impact.

Job vacancies have seen a slight reduction, landing at 932,000 for the latest quarter. This marks a continued trend of decline, yet it’s clear the job market remains robust, favouring candidates with vacancies still significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.  

Interpreting the Impact on Businesses

As a business operating in the employment market, we navigate these challenges ourselves but provide a confident perspective to our customers built on thousands of interactions with candidates and clients alike.

Out outcome? The dual focus remains: attracting talent and retaining top performers through competitive compensation. The decline in job vacancies hasn’t significantly shifted the power dynamics—candidates still have plenty of choices, underscored by the substantial number of open positions compared to early 2020, specifically over 130,000 more vacancies.               

What’s Ahead for Wage Bills?

The outlook is cautiously optimistic. The deceleration in wage growth, alongside potential further easing in inflation, hints at a more manageable scenario for wage bills in the latter half of the year. However, staying informed and adaptable is crucial. Monitoring these indicators will be key to refining your compensation approach, ensuring it’s not just about the salary but the total value proposition you offer to employees.

In conclusion, while we might anticipate a smoother journey ahead, an informed strategy will be key in successfully managing wage costs and maintaining a competitive edge in 2024.