Owen Daniels Embedded Talent Partner
09th June 2023

What is an Embedded Talent Partner and its Advantages?


The embedded talent partner is someone that will work with you exclusively in your office providing an even better understanding: of your culture, your company values, your business, and the 'people' you are looking for.

This solution provides a closer partnership, improved hiring figures and a significant cost saving on traditional hiring methods.

Our Embedded Talent approach provides a unique outlook on enhancing and expanding your internal talent function with unparalleled flexibility.

So what is an embedded talent partner?

Introducing an embedded talent partner, a valuable addition to your talent team. They come with their own resources and specialized skills and network, already trained and ready to assist you in identifying, attracting, and hiring the top technical talent available. 

What are the advantages of having an embedded talent partner?

Clear costs and no hidden costs (taxes and NI)

In addition to their valuable skills, embedded talent partners come equipped with a wide range of technology and resources, which can save you thousands of dollars. Creating an internal team can lead to high fixed costs during hiring slowdowns, but with Embedded, you have the flexibility to grow or cancel as needed to align with your plans.

Access to the best tools

Our talent becomes your talent. They are just like any other full-time employee, updating their LinkedIn profiles and integrating into your resources, such as ATS, emails, and internal communications. Additionally, our embedded talent brings their own unique technological expertise to the table. Equipped with the best tools and a large talent pool, our talent can help scale your business quickly and efficiently.

Real-time market insights

Talent Partners offer valuable real-time market insights that can be instrumental in discussing hiring plans. If there are pending hires, building out talent pools in advance or utilizing this time to streamline processes can be beneficial.

Access to network of 30,000+ engineers

Our team has built a network of engineers and people in the community over the years.  

Specialists in niche markets

As specialists in the engineering and manufacturing sector our Embedded Talent partners have inside knowledge, talent pools for niche roles.  

The partner takes time to understand company culture

Our Embedded Talent partners fully integrate with your team, and can even work from your office. This allows them to better understand your company culture and your hiring requirements meaning more success in your hiring.

Employer Brand Proposition.

Securing top talent in highly competitive markets is more crucial than ever. Our embedded team members will serve as your brand ambassadors within the tech community. We'll proudly showcase your brand name at conferences, meetups, and other tech events, featuring it prominently on our banners.  

If you would like to find out more follow this link: https://bit.ly/3Niiyuj