Owen Daniels Job Hunt
22nd May 2024

Understanding What Matters To You In The Job Hunt


Over the last few weeks, we've engaged with our followers through a series of LinkedIn polls to better understand your priorities in the job-hunting process.

From the feedback, it's clear that job seekers in STEM are looking for positions that not only align with their skills but also offer opportunities for growth and stability. The results also show a strong desire for company values to align with candidates’ needs, from compensation and benefits to work-life balance.

While Owen Daniels is known for connecting top-tier talent with leading companies in the STEM sector, our focus from these poll results shifts towards understanding and addressing your specific needs in the job market. Here's how we can assist:

  1. Understanding Job Market Trends: We stay updated on the latest demands and skills needed in the industry, which helps us align your qualifications with the right opportunities.
  2. Navigating Job Opportunities: With 50% of respondents indicating that discovering job vacancies is the most challenging aspect of the job-hunting process, we help uncover roles that might not be immediately visible on public job boards, providing you with a broader spectrum of opportunities.
  3. Tailored Job Matching: Our approach goes beyond the standard job placement; we strive to match your skills and career ambitions with roles that will foster both your professional and personal growth.
  4. Comprehensive Support: With 73% of respondents stating that the main obstacle in the job process is the absence of feedback, we guide you through every step, from sourcing opportunities to preparing for interviews, ensuring you approach each opportunity with confidence.
  5. Efficiency in Job Search: We aim to streamline the job search process, reducing the stress and time commitment typically associated with finding a new role.

The insights from our LinkedIn polls are invaluable in helping us refine our services to better meet your needs in the ever evolving and competitive world of STEM. At Owen Daniels, we're committed to enhancing your job search experience and supporting your career development. If you want to significantly impact your STEM career, we're here to help you navigate these opportunities.

Remember to connect with us and our talented recruiters who utilise LinkedIn to share upcoming job vacancies for our clients across the STEM sector.