Owen Daniels Branded Ads
08th February 2024

The Power of Branded Job Ads


In the dynamic world of UK manufacturing and engineering, attracting talent is more crucial than ever. With the battle for skilled professionals heating up, companies are on the lookout for innovative ways to stand out.

Enter branded job advertisements. This approach can drastically elevate your recruitment game. Partnering with an agency allowing them to showcase your identity, combined with their network you can see the benefits of a brand without side-tracking your vital marketing resources.

Embracing Transparent Recruitment

Transparency in recruitment is a key element that shapes a candidate's decision-making process. Branded adverts open the door to a transparent recruitment experience by vividly presenting the company identity and in turn their values, ethos and attractiveness. This level of openness helps prospective employees assess their compatibility from the get-go, ensuring a smoother journey for both parties involved.

Harnessing Identity as an Asset

A company’s brand identity is a potent tool, encapsulating its mission, values, and future aspirations. Through branded job advertisements, firms can distinguish themselves from the competition. This strategy goes beyond merely slapping a logo on a job post; it’s about embedding the essence of the company into the ad. It crafts a narrative, inviting potential candidates to picture themselves as part of a larger mission. This emotional engagement can turn a passive observer into an eager applicant.

Boosting Applications and Elevating Candidate Quality

Evidence suggests that branded job ads can significantly influence application rates and the calibre of candidates. Research from LinkedIn shows that job listings featuring a company logo attract up to 21% more views and 50% more applicants than those without. Furthermore, branded content can increase job seeker awareness of the company by 75%, enhancing the likelihood that applicants are well-informed and genuinely interested in the role. This not only increases the volume of applications but also improves the chances of attracting candidates who align better with the company’s culture and requirements.

Cutting Down on Traditional Advertising Costs

The expenses associated with traditional job advertising can add up quickly, with companies often depending on various job boards to reach potential candidates. Branded job ads, especially when orchestrated through a recruitment agency partnership, can diminish reliance on these platforms. By focusing on a targeted strategy through platforms like LinkedIn, companies can connect with a more relevant audience in a cost-effective manner. This strategy not only saves money but also makes the recruitment process more efficient.

The Advantage of Agency Partnership

Teaming up with a recruitment agency that has a stronghold in the engineering and manufacturing sectors comes with its perks. These agencies have a deep understanding of market trends and candidate expectations, enabling them to create compelling branded job ads that resonate with the desired demographic. Additionally, this partnership allows companies to tap into the agency's extensive networks and platforms without having to allocate extra resources from their marketing departments.

Maximizing Resource Efficiency

For many companies, marketing resources are invaluable. The direct and indirect costs involved in crafting, publishing, and managing job ads can stretch budgets and divert attention from core business activities. Opting for branded job ads through a recruitment agency enables companies to achieve impactful recruitment marketing without redirecting internal resources. This approach allows firms to concentrate on their primary operations while still engaging in effective talent acquisition strategies.

How Owen Daniels can support?

As the competition for talent continues to escalate, we’re embracing ways to empower our clients in their search and show the power of a partner. For over a decade we have developed partnerships and are proud to showcase our clients, speak to us to find out how we can do the same for you.