Owen Daniels Sustainability
15th February 2024

Sustainability Scores: Super Bowl LVIII Venue Powered Entirely by Solar


Whilst not everyone in our UK office is a passionate Super Bowl fan, our dedication lies firmly in STEM and fostering a sustainable future across all sectors. The year 2024 marked a monumental stride for the Super Bowl, not just for being hosted at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas but for setting a precedent as the first Super Bowl powered entirely by renewable energy.

The Solar Playbook: An Ambitious Leap into Renewable Energy

The logistical feat of powering an event such as the Super Bowl entirely with renewable energy is nothing short of remarkable. This achievement was made possible through a strategic partnership with NV Energy, harnessing the power of a solar farm in the Nevada desert, equipped with over 600,000 solar panels. This array delivered over 10 megawatts of power, ensuring that every aspect of the event, from the stadium lights to the fan zones, operated on clean energy.

This initiative underscores not only the viability of renewable energy sources in meeting large-scale power demands but also serves as a beacon in a state with an abundance of sunshine. The environmental implications of such a large event are challenging to quantify, yet the commitment to renewable energy in this context is a powerful message.

Touchdown for Sustainability

The Super Bowl's stature as the most watched sporting event in the US offers a unique platform to champion the cause of sustainability. By demonstrating the successful use of renewable energy for an event of this magnitude, it sends a powerful message to a global audience about the practicality of transitioning to clean energy sources. This event symbolizes a significant step forward in the journey toward sustainability, encouraging nations and industries to embrace sustainable infrastructure.

Championing Renewable Energy Through Talent

As a business deeply rooted in STEM recruitment, our ethos is aligned with low-impact operations and a commitment to advancing the renewable energy sector. Through powerful partnerships, we've witnessed successes across STEM fields, driven by innovation and a pursuit of a sustainable future.

The solar-powered Super Bowl is more than just a landmark event in sports entertainment; it's a bold declaration of what's possible when we prioritize the planet. We're excited about the role we play in this journey, supporting innovation and driving progress towards a sustainable future. Together with our partners, we are not merely spectators; we are actively building a sustainable future