Owen Daniels Leadership
19th December 2022

ODC supported our clients leadership event


A month ago, our Business Solutions Director Matt Bowman and Recruitment Consultant Reece Watmore supported Alfa Laval with their management immersion event. Alfa Laval’s HR and members of their management team created and led sessions covering employee engagement & feedback/goals for 2023.  

Employee engagement surveys are a great way to:  

  • Give employees a voice
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Direct organizational growth
  • Improve employee safety
  • Uncover employee weaknesses

For more tips read our blog on the importance of employee engagement surveys:

Reviewing our employee engagement surveys is just as important as organising them, and we are grateful to Alfa Laval to allow us to contribute our insights into their leadership event.

ODC contributed to conversations regarding recruitment and hiring using their 11 years of experience to cover the following subjects:

  • Provided insights into the engineering & manufacturing recruitment market
  • Manager interview preparation -Importance of company culture
  • The candidate experience
  • Writing an accurate and impactful job description
  • Hiring best practices
  • Importance of maintaining your brand during the hiring process  

Overall the event was a great success and the management who attended provided the following feedback:

  • “Needed more time in the sessions to keep the good conversation going.”
  • “The sessions were very informative and gave me additional tools to support myself and communication with the team.”
  • “Great to have face to face with my peers.”
  • “Good session, well worth the time, I feel more equipped for PDs etc and prepared to give more feedback.”
  • “I went into the session feeling that I had more important things to do and I would not get that much out of it. instead I feel energised by it. The small groups worked well and it was good to get us involved.”  

If you are looking for additional support with your hiring processes, please contact us at office@owendaniels.co.uk