Owen Daniels LinkedIn
16th November 2022

Linkedin Tips for Jobseekers


A majority of recruiters and employers will search for you through LinkedIn, so it's important to ensure your profile works for you!

Here are our tips:

Keep an open profile

Ensure your LinkedIn page is accessible.

Be personable 

We recommend adding as much information about yourself on your profile as possible. This could be professional summary, about me section, add a headline or a professional photo. This way recruiters and employers can find you through searching keywords, but also get to know more about you. Another top tip is to add contact details.

Job History

Ensure that your job history is up-to-date and matches your CV! Be honest about any gaps, even on your LinkedIn Profile.

Build Recommendations and testimonials 

Encourage your clients and colleagues to endorse your skills. Through adding testimonials and recommendations to your LinkedIn profile it adds credibility to your achievements.

Share Industry news

Sharing posts and news not only helps to increase your network, but also shows your interests to potential employers and recruiters.

Shout about accomplishments

Use your LinkedIn page to sell yourself, and the value you add to your company and potential future employers.

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