23rd April 2024

Leaders Behind Locations - The South West


Nine months ago, we at Owen Daniels opened our Cheltenham office for a multiple reasons. Being based in Cheltenham allows us to provide additional support to our clients and candidates in the South West and tap into the region's substantial benefits. The area boasts a £3 billion engineering and manufacturing sector, employing over 35,000 people, and has a rich history of innovation spanning more than 200 years.

Innovation thrives here, with over 70% of local businesses engaged in innovation activities—25% above the national average. The area is at the forefront of the UK’s digital skills revolution, offering access to a range of digital innovation centres and technological excellence in engineering and manufacturing. This ecosystem is bolstered by robust STEM investments across educational institutions.

In summary, the South West's unique blend of innovation, sustainability, and academic-business collaboration makes it an ideal location for fostering growth in the STEM sector. We're proud to support this vibrant community.


The Leaders

Our Cheltenham office is led by Ryan Kline and Grady Izatt, who together bring over 15 years of experience in technical engineering recruitment.

Ryan Kline Ryan launched the South West division of Owen Daniels alongside Grady. With seven years of experience in the region, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the UK market, particularly in Gloucestershire. Ryan specialises in precision and mechanical engineering, having supported manufacturers' growth in the South West and Midlands since 2016. His focus on permanent recruitment has enabled many clients to significantly increase their workforce from the shop floor to management levels.

Grady Izatt Grady launched the South West division with Ryan, and brings a decade of recruitment and training experience to the table. He has been instrumental in meeting both contract and permanent staffing needs in the region, leveraging his deep knowledge of the sector. Grady specialises in the electrical/electronic industries, including medical, aerospace, EV, and FMCG sectors. He also provides flexible contract/temporary workforce solutions to numerous clients.


The Team

Our Cheltenham office, situated in the heart of Gloucestershire, is perfectly positioned to assist businesses throughout the South West and Midlands. We specialise in:

  • Electronics/Electrical Engineering
  • Controls and Automation/Instrumentation
  • Quality, Manufacturing, and Production
  • Precision Engineering/Mechanical Engineering

Each team member brings specialised expertise, covering all aspects of engineering and manufacturing recruitment.  

Why We Love The South West

The South West is a vibrant region, home to market-leading manufacturers in aerospace, FMCG, medical, and precision engineering sectors. With a growing population of 5.7 million - a14% increase - it's becoming a popular destination for new businesses. The region’s annual economic output of £35 billion underscores its growing cultural and economic significance. The South West also features prominently in Garrington’s "Best Places to Live in 2022", offering our candidates an excellent work-life balance. Our vision is to embrace and contribute to the economic growth of our area by providing detailed recruitment solutions to companies.