Owen Daniels Payroll
06th March 2023

How to use payroll to improve your worker experience!


The basic expectation of payroll is that your workers get paid correctly and on time. When you don’t meet these basic needs, regardless of how time-consuming and complex the process is, you jeopardise your relationship with your workers and risk exposing your business operationally, as well as damaging your company’s reputation.

Improving your payroll experience  

  • Ensuring pay is correct, pay close attention to PAYE workers and holiday pay
  • Adhere to legislation, especially when dealing with Umbrella payments and Personal service companies
  • Going paperless; see the benefits of digitising both for experience, compliance and environmental reasons
  • On-demand pay; a relatively new innovation. Allow workers to access their pay outside of ‘normal’ payroll periods.
  • Outsourcing payroll is an excellent way to save your business time and money while staying compliant.

Outsourcing your payroll process to ODC has many benefits: 

  • Save time and free up resources internally, keep your payroll for permanent staff
  • Consolidate your billing, we can offer one invoice at agreed intervals
  • Outsource compliance and ensure your business adapts to changes in legislation
  • Minimise payroll errors through our expertise and digital timesheet software
  • Access regular reporting from our digital systems
  • Facilitate employee self-service through our portals

If you would like more information about how to improve your payroll processes follow this link: https://bit.ly/htiypp23