Owen Daniels Hiring
06th February 2023

Are You Struggling to Hire Through Your Website?


Having a dedicated careers page can seem daunting. They tend to be time-consuming if managed and updated frequently, however, they are also an asset to your website. It’s becoming more and more of a necessity for attracting the right talent. Some of the key benefits that come with having your very own careers site:

1. They’re bespoke to your unique employer brand

Hiring through your career page means your job posts reflect your company values and the culture of your brand, allowing candidates to have additional insights on your company. Your careers site is the ‘shop window’ to your company’s workplace – it’s the ideal place to showcase what makes you an employer of choice in your industry. This helps to get candidates familiar with your brand from the very beginning, creating a hiring experience that matches your unique workplace culture.

2. They centralise your application process

Managing multiple job boards or receiving emails of people’s CVs can be time-consuming and potentially cause GDPR issues. A careers site can centralise this process to one platform and makes the experience easier for your potential candidates. A positive user experience for applicants adds value to your company’s reputation, improving the quality of candidates.

3. They benefit from SEO

Using your own website to hire, means that it improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so potential customers and candidates will find your company more easily in the future.

4. They can integrate with your ATS!

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application integrated into your careers page that helps organisations to efficiently manage the recruitment process. Allowing the recruiter users to publish their vacancies, shortlist or reject relevant applicants, schedule interviews, make offers all in one place with the benefits that accompany a careers page:

  • Saves you time – all of your recruitment functions in one place, rather than on multiple platforms
  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Saves you money by reducing the need for job boards
  • Improves the recruitment experience for candidates but also hiring managers
  • Digitizes and reduces hiring managers paperwork whilst also helping with Compliance
  • These can be Branded jobs page(s) that integrate seamlessly with your website
  • Easy publishing of vacancy to jobs page/careers site
  • Automated emails to applicants as they move through the process
  • Interview scheduling and/or calendar
  • Publishing of vacancies to 3rdparty job boards
  • Anonymised CV / application form processing
  • Self-service interview scheduling

We can provide bespoke advice to your business and services that will fit your specific needs. Different businesses have different resources available, therefore our support can vary from consultative direction, through to complete design, management and ownership of your recruitment processes (ORP).

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