Owen Daniels Embedded Talent Partner
11th May 2023

A Day in the Life of an Embedded Talent Partner


Which client are you currently providing an Embedded Talent Partner service to?

A scale up tech and manufacturing company in the SATCOMS sector called ALL.SPACE who are going through a big growth project.

What does the client do?

They have designed and engineered a product and now looking to take the product into manufacture.

Why did they need an embedded Talent Partner?

They are at the stage in business where they have had a big recruitment requirement without the internal capacity to scale up.

When did you start your embedded assignment?

May 2022

Who do you report to within the client?

I report into the Head of Talent

What days are you in each office?

The common days in the office are Tuesday, Wednesday and some Thursdays

What are the first things you do when you get in the office?

I am normally in the office 30 minutes before the day starts,  make an effort to say hello to any staff who are in, go and have a coffee from the café on site,  Get my laptop set up and go through any admin tasks (clear emails and set up the to do list for the day), morning meeting at 9:30am with the HR and TA team.  Then start my day.

Do you feel like an employee of All.Space?

Yes I do,   I am involved in a lot of internal meetings about TA discussing process and plans, conversations and everyone treats me as a colleague.

What do you enjoy most about the project you are currently working on?

I like how I have settled in and everyone looks at me as part of the team and company.

How I am involved more than just recruiting for them.

I have an input to interview process, meetings with hiring managers and so on.

How have you learned the company culture?

Understanding company culture and team culture is one of the key elements to finding the correct talent.  Spending time in meetings, lunch, social events has really helped me to understand what the culture is like within the company.

How do you collaborate with their Talent Acquisition team?

We have regular meetings to discuss focus for roles and meetings with managers that we need to organise.

What IT and software systems do you use?

I have a Company email address which gives me access to all the managers diaries which helps when organising any internal meetings or interviews.  I have access to there ATS (Workable),  I have my own Microsoft Teams account, I also have access to the different job boards that they use that we do not use.  On top of all this I have access to ODC’s CRM, LinkedIn recruiter, Job Boards, IR35 determination software.

How does the process differ when you are working onsite/internally with the client?

The main way that the process differs is I have full reign to see the whole process through without anyone in HR or TA needing to get involved.  This solves a lot of time that they would normally have spent being the middle person.

How are you measured?

I am measured against the clients growth plans and have KPI’s similar to the other TA members

By being onsite/embedded, what do you do to create an efficient recruitment process?

I embed myself into their recruitment process.  Meaning I communicate directly to the managers/people involved in the process which savers time,  I have learnt the TA process that they have in place and I am able to operate on my ow, independently, with the support of my internal/external colleagues.  Being on site helps you to see/understand what is going on in the business and gives you the insight as to when person X is free for a quick chat weather it be a meeting or a quick catch up whilst making a coffee.

Do you feel you are influential/informative to the key stakeholders within the business? 

Helping to give key senior people updates with the market and roles does help when you are working in a niche market to help them understand what is being done.  Providing them with stats and figures related to the problem or process to explain what is being done.

What is your greatest achievement since being on the project?

My greatest achievement will be how much I have helped them grow as a company all at the same time as saving them money and improving their process’s.