CV Drop Timesheets
30th November 2022

Work Experience – Ewan Hunter


I joined Owen Daniels at the start of November, and I have learned so much from my time here. Everyone was very welcoming and helped me understand their day-to-day role. I was also able to dominate the pool table on my lunch breaks which was an added bonus. I started off in the Training Pod with David who showed me the ropes of 180 recruitment which covered things like compiling candidate sheets and performing searches on Source Breaker. Later in the week, when I understood more about recruitment, I began to get on the phone with potential candidates for different roles.

In my 2nd week, I carried on with my role and was getting more confident on the phone; starting to ask better questions and getting more information about different candidates which I added to the database. I also started to recruit for a new role where I began the process of creating a search, creating a job advert, and compiling a candidate list on my own putting into practice everything I learnt the previous week.

In my 3rd week, I started with Lee and Matt in Business solutions. I have learnt a lot from them both and picked up loads of different things about how they do their job. I was able to implement what I learnt previously into this department. I compiled a list of potential roles for a candidate, and I sent emails regarding the roles. I also started in Marketing where I learnt how Owen Daniels uses it as a tool for growth. Using different sites like LinkedIn and Instagram to broaden its reach. I was able to create different posts and look into competitors’ websites to research and develop potential plans for ODC.

In my 4th week, I started with Talent Acquisition where I used Reed and LinkedIn recruiter to find potential candidates. I learned about what sort of candidates ODC looks for and what sort of experience they need to join the team. I learned about the different stages of the hiring process and what makes the ideal candidate. I worked with Zoe in Finance, where I learnt how to understand excel and understood the role of finance in the business. Then I moved on to Compliance where I worked with Becky using websites like Manpower to collect timesheets from different contractors and make sure we send the necessary wages. I was tasked with chasing contractors who hadn’t sent their timesheets and checking if contractors were going to extend their contracts.

All in all, I enjoyed every area of the business but the one I liked the most was definitely the candidate search side of the business as I thought there were always different situations and the most amount of variability, which made it very interesting.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome during my month here.