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5th October 2022

Recruiting engineers and manufacturing workers is a necessity for any business. This blog discusses the benefits of using a recruiter.

Recruitment is one of the engineering and manufacturing industries most important tasks, but also one of the most time-consuming. Without the right team behind you, a business is simply unable to keep up with progress. Our recruiters are here to ensure the successful addition of candidates to our ever-growing pool of skilled engineers and manufacturers.

Why you should use a recruiter?

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Industry knowledge

As a specialized recruitment agency, ODC have over a decade of experience in this field and a large talent pool of technical professionals to source from. Our recruiters are used to the ebbs and flow of the industry and are experts in the best ways to seek new talent in temporary, permanent, and executive-level roles.

CV Improvements

Recruiters will filter through all of the CVs and ensure that your job advert and job specification reach the maximum amount of people. Let us do the time-consuming hard work! We go above and beyond, learning about your company and culture to ensure candidates are the best fit for you.

As a result, the CVs you get through will be specific and relevant and give you greater overall choice.

Candidate Preparation

Our recruiters are always on the other side of the phone, to get you ready for interviews support you with your CV and find you that dream role.


At ODC we offer a range of compliance support to take your stress away. We can ensure you are gdpr compliant and up-to-date with ir35 amongst others. We even support your payroll and branding.

RESULTS – If you are looking for a convenient. compliant and speedy recruitment process with proven results, contact us

To summarise you should use ODC because:

  • We are a specialised recruiter
  • Significantly reduce your hiring time
  • We can reduce the stress of hiring
  • A large talent pool of specialised applicants
  • We can offer additional services to ensure your compliance, company branding and even offer payroll solutions