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24th April 2023

What Does it Take to Get a Winder Career?

Winder career

What education and experience do you need to become a winder? How can I get a job as a winder?

  • Many employers hire winders right out of school, but many others do not.
  • Hiring managers expect a winder to have soft skills such as dexterity, colour vision, and physical strength.
  • Once you have all the required skills and experience, it takes an average of 1-3 months of job training to become a winder.
  • To become a winder, you typically do not need formal education.
  • Among the most common skills taught to winders is brazing followed by hand tools and safety procedures.
  • Three common soft skills for a winder are dexterity, colour vision and physical strength.

How To Become A Winder In 6 Steps:

  • Step 1: Explore winder’s education
  • Step 2: Develop winder skills
  • Step 3: Complete relevant training/internship
  • Step 4: Research winder duties
  • Step 5: Prepare your resume
  • Step 6: Apply for a winder job

Please follow this link to apply to the role: