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14th March 2023

What Does it Take to Get a Test and Trial Engineer Career?

There are many different reasons to chose a career as a Test and Trial Engineer; including  job growth, stability, career prospects and the incredible opportunity to practise what years of training have taught them.

What are Test and Trial Engineer responsibilities?

To be able to perform the duties of a Test & Trial engineer, a person needs the following qualities.

  • Analysing problems and developing ideas and designs to solve them.
  • To assist, mentor and train the integration teams in the final commissioning and testing of the systems.
  • To liaise with projects and sales during the handover process to ensure all agreed customer specifications and configuration options are understood and will be fully tested and commissioned.
  • To provide support to the customer when needed with remote or off-site technical support and installation work / trials as and when required.
  • To organise and lead offsite system trials when required.
  • To regularly communicate with management, projects and production teams on system commissioning status.
  • To work with engineering and production engineering to improve product design and reduce failures.
  • To monitor evaluate and improve the test, installation, commissioning and trials processes and procedures.

What skills do they need?

  • System fault finding and maintenance.
  • Coordination of trials and operational activities.
  • Good project and client management.
  • Experience creating test plans and programs.

Becoming a Trial & Test engineer clearly has an extensive set of requirements. And with the number of opportunities and prospects open to them, it’s only natural that hard work and foresight are necessary to fulfil the needs of the role effectively.

If you are interested in a role as a Test & Trials engineer follow this link: Test and Trials Engineer job – Fareham – SAAB SEAEYE (