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21st March 2023

What Does it Take to Get a CMM programmer career?

cmm programmer

CMM programmers create inspection programs for coordinated measuring machines. The programming of the machine refers to the setup, calibration and software installation of the process. Like many machines, a coordinate measuring machine requires constant human oversight to ensure it functions properly and provides accurate output. A CMM programmer, or CMM operator, does just that—ensuring the machine is working properly and programming the machine to take accurate measurements. CMM programmers are also responsible for making sure the proper code lines are encoded into the machine, which means they play an integral role in the manufacturing process.

What are CMM programmer responsibilities?

• Using Software, operate and create programs to run the CMM machines, to inspect first piece, in-process, final, and first article inspections on components and assemblies.
• Review incoming product inspection reports and where applicable devise inspection criteria.
• Ensure incoming product meets contracted dimensional requirements.
• Ownership of the CMM area to include (but not limited to) machine calibration, associated processes and procedures, software and hardware updates, best practice implementation, maintenance, fixturing.
• Supporting a strategic plan for CMM and metrology improvement and upgrades.

What skills do they need?

  • Problem-solving skills: CMM programmers must identify and assess problems that come up in product manufacturing. Strong problem-solving skills ensure a CMM programmer can accurately use a CMM to solve a manufacturing-related issue and improve overall output for a company.

  • Computer skills: CMM programmers must have extensive computer skills to be effective in their jobs. In addition to knowing how to operate a coordinate measuring machine, programmers should also be familiar with software development programs and macro programming technology.

  • Mathematical skills: These professionals regularly use math formulas to determine the accurate measurements for a product or item and input them into the CMM.

  • Communication skills: CMM programmers regularly work with other engineering or inspection team members to perform their job and must be able to effectively communicate their findings in a way that is easy to understand.

CMM programmer requirements?

  • Knowledge of metrology principles and GD&T
  • Ability to read and understand technical drawings and work to tolerances

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