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19th January 2023

The Benefits of Communication in the Workplace

There are so many benefits to improving communication in your office.

1 It promotes trust.

2 It promotes team member loyalty.

3 It enhances team member engagement.

4 It improves teamwork.

5 It improves productivity.

6 Communication fuels innovation.

7 Resolves issues.

8 It creates better client relationships.

At ODC we are really lucky to have great communication in the office. Every Monday we have a weekly full business kick-off meeting to discuss where everyone is at, and just chat about the weekend and week ahead and any socials coming up. We also have weekly team meetings to delve into more detail about our aims for the week, this is complemented by individual meetings each month. Additionally we also run annual anonymous surveys.

Alongside this, our CEO has an open door policy and spent today training our new starters.

This communication has benefited both our team and the business, it has encouraged ODC to implement the benefits and incentives requested, and more recently bring back placement darts!

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