CV Drop Timesheets
14th March 2023

Our CEO and Founders Management Tips

More than 11 years ago, Owen started the company with the aim of becoming an employer of choice; trying to be different. At ODC we aren’t driving hours like recruitment has always been, we are driving productivity. You are in control of how hard you work, how early you want to get in, how late you want to stay – targets must be met but we are leaving the responsibility of achieving these to you.

ODC as a company is still growing and going from strength to strength and we are proud of both the companies and each individuals achievements.

This year in order to support our teams learning, development and progression opportunities, we have launched the ‘Future Leaders’ program. The ‘Future Leaders’ will learn management skills, mentorship and receive a qualification to support their future development.

As a leader in his community and of our company, Owen reflects on his management tips.

-How did you get into management? I set up ODC, creating opportunities for others. I now manage 3 people directly and indirectly have around 40 people in my company.

-How long have you managed a team? I have now bee a manager, alongside my role as Founder & CEO for 11 years.

-What are the pros of managing a team and the challenges? The best thing about managing a team is getting the best out of people through coaching. However this comes with having to understand everyone is motivated differently, and how best to support each individual.

-What team outings have you run? I’ve planned lots of different activities since beginning ODC, including christmas parties, quarterly team building, quarterly lunches, team activities and even trips abroad.

-How do you incentivise and motivate your team? People spend a large portion of their time at work and I wanted to create an environment that brings out the best in everyone. I’m proud to have utilised incentives suchas work autonomy, flexible working, ‘Lunch club’, bonuses, employee of the month & quarter, outting incentives, days off, early finish fridays and pizza friday, to both reward and incentivise my team rather than just relying on financial rewards.

-Why are you excited about Future Leaders? Simply, to develop emerging talent within the business

-What advice would you give to someone looking to join the ‘Future Leaders’: To listen and learn from others, gain experience through listening to then adapt to your own management style. Empower, engage and motivate

At ODC we are lucky to have a diverse team of managers who use different styles to help support their team. If you are interested in joining our team – contact