CV Drop Timesheets
11th January 2023

ODC Attended our Yearly Summit

ODC had their second annual summit. We went to Wentworth golf course for the event, and enjoyed a lunch and drinks during the meeting.

We discussed the plans for the year and discussed what went well and what we learned from 2022. It was a great opportunity to have everybody together and ensure that everybody is on the same page.

We also took it as an opportunity to celebrate our employee’s contribution over 2022:


🏆Pete went home with Biggest Biller, Biggest Perm Biller, Most interviews arranged and Director’s pick of the year
🏆Dan S achieved Biggest Contract Biller, Worst Pool player, Biggest contract deal margin and Overachieved based on the annual target
🏆Rachel won Newcomer of the year (Recruitment) and Silly comment of the year
🏆Ethan and Ben S achieved Biggest perm client of the Year
🏆Dan A won Grafter of the year and Biggest permanent deal
🏆After being chosen by everyone at ODC, Reece won MVP
🏆Saskia won Newcomer of the year (Operations)
🏆Kerry achieved Most Improved in 2023
🏆Ethan also achieved Most Welcoming
🏆Jordan was awarded comedian of the year
🏆Max J danced his way to winning Dancer of the year
🏆 Max H won pen chewer of the year
🏆 Becky achieved ‘the helper’ award
🏆Dave won Early Bird
🏆Adam achieved Night owl status

We are so excited for 2023 and can’t wait to continue growing!

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