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26th October 2022

How to Make a Positive Workplace Culture

Workplace culture has changed over the last few years. There has been a lot in the news recently about ‘toxic jobs’, the ‘rise in parents quitting careers’, ‘productivity paranoia’, and ‘burnout’; so let’s discuss work culture. Work culture encompasses the values and attitudes of a company.

Make sure your workplace makes you feel the following:
Secure – you should feel like your job is safe. This could be having the right equipment, or just job security. At ODC we ensure that our employees have job security by encouraging their progression, supporting their well-being, and involving them in future plans, i.e we have an annual summit where we discuss the year ahead. Feeling safe and secure is a basic human need, especially in the current financial situation, people want to know they aren’t going anywhere. A sense of job security comes with being offered progression, learning, and benefits. ODC provides a model of monthly and yearly catch -ups to ensure that you are happy and progressing as you wish.

Appreciated – you work hard and you deserve to feel appreciated. At ODC we show our appreciation quantifiably through progression, benefits, monthly and quarterly employees of the month and team bonding outings. Alongside the old-fashioned ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’.

Trusted – you shouldn’t have to feel guilty or get to the point where you are burnt out. At ODC our teams work autonomously, whether working in their choice of in-office or WFH. We believe in productivity over time – you are trusted to get your own work done.

Excited – you should feel passionate and excited about your work or actively encouraged. At ODC we encourage our team with competitions and missions to win days off, days out, pizza and other prizes.

Looked after – You should never feel like work comes at a cost to your mental or physical health. At ODC we want our team to feel supported and looked after – we offer private health care, well-being and gym contributions in order to support their wellbeing and happiness. Alongside offering a very flexible working style and the ability to WFH 4 days a week.

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Here are our tips to ensuring you have a good work culture!

Strong career progression – Ensure that your progression routes are transparent and achievable, additionally offering training opportunities. At ODC we provide clear progression routes in our induction and offer additional training.

Incentives & Benefits – your employees could work anywhere, what makes you stand out? At ODC we have a full range of benefits offering; #enhancedpension , parental leave, Gym/Health contributions, Early finish Fridays, #flexibleworking , #incentives and more.

Flexibility – the 9-5 is gone, working culture has changed and according to a Global Workplace Analytics survey 74% of employees feel happier working remotely. At ODC our employees can work from home 4 days a week and enjoy flexible working hours, we also finish at 3pm LATEST every Friday.

Equipment – Make sure your employees have everything they need, this could be as simple as work boots, or ensure that they have health and wellbeing plans in place.

Achievable targets – They ensure focus but also support your team to develop themselves. ODC ensure that our teams have weekly chats, individuals have monthly and yearly check-ins and goals are transparent. This helps teams’ bond and grow, and our team to progress and achieve their individual goals.

Wellbeing – Ensure that you have plans to look after your employee’s wellbeing. At ODC we offer private Health and Wellbeing care, Gym contributions, access to mental health councillors through an app and the ability to WFH 4 days a week.

An additional tip is to prioritise trust, respect and appreciation in your workplace and follow your business values.

Don’t settle for anything less than ALL of these! There are plenty of roles that offer these as the minimum – explore all your options with the expert recruiters in the market to find the best opportunity for you.