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17th March 2020

Top Tips for WFH

With flexible working somewhat becoming the norm, check out some of ODC’s top tips of staying motivated WFH.

Wake up early

Working from home could end up in a loss of your routine. Stick to your normal waking up time and keep the lie-ins for the weekends as a treat. Studies have shown that getting up earlier means your day is more proactive. Set those alarms!

Get into actual clothes

As tempting as it seems to stay in your pjs… get dressed when you get up into actual clothes. If you’re dressed for bed, your mind and body will be ready for bed, simple. Articles state that “the new homeworker tends to go through three phases with their clothes before settling down into something that works.” Skip the pj phase and get dressed.

Don’t work where you sleep

Working in your bed/bedroom not only will make you less efficient (in bed = ready for bed), but also when it’s time for you to get some sleep, your mind will be associating the spot with the opposite of winding down. Dedicate another spot in your home to work to ensure you still have a space for relaxing and rest.

Make a schedule

To help give your day structure, create a schedule. You could add in rough timings (when you wake up, lunchtime, end of day) or make it more specific with tasks you need to complete throughout the day. Write it out, use an app or keep it in mind throughout your day.


Why not put a 20-minute home workout in place of your 20-minute commute to prepare you for the day and get some movement into your day? Also, every study ever proves that exercise helps with concentration and motivation – there’s really no excuse!

Reward yourself

It can be hard when temptation is around you the whole day. Set yourself targets to get your tasks done then treat yourself and watch the next episode.

Don’t spend all day messaging on the group chat

Not only does it take away time from your day by reading and typing out messages, it completely interrupts your thought process. Turn the GC to mute!

Get outside

Don’t turn into a hermit. For your mental health, venture outside for a short walk, stretch or just for some fresh air – it will do you good!

Talk to other people

Again, this will keep you sane.

Stay away from distracting sites

If you know you get sucked into funny YouTube videos or tiny cooking pages on Facebook, stay away from them! Keep the temptation to a minimum and it will inevitably be easier to avoid.

Meal prep as you would going to the office

This will make sure you don’t spend an hour in the kitchen whipping up a mean lunchtime dish. Get it all prepped the night before in order to stay in routine.

End your day on time

It can be tempting to carry on working because it’s so convenient, but if you normally finish your day at 6:30pm, stick to that time.