Quality Engineer – Industrial – Derbyshire

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for all the support, guidance, help and knowledge you have provided.

Every step of the way you have been passionate, caring, upstanding and profession to the highest levels.

I am so happy with the new career at Vaillant as a  Quality Engineer and I owe a lot of/ if not most of that to you .

Everyone at my previous employer Alstom I have sung your praise and provided contact details for, as you have been above any of the other recruitment agencies that have tried to secure me a role.

I will ensure to refer you far into the future. You have been both dedicated and driven.

I can only apologise for missing your last few calls last week with leaving Alstom and this week having my phone on silent .

Should our paths cross again I know you are someone to rely on and that I will have the best fighting chance at securing success.