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23rd March 2020

Socialising For Well-Being

If you’re a majorly sociable office like us, it’s hard to not talk with each other every day. Keeping social for your well-being is essential, so during this crazy time, e-socialising is one of the only options to speak with colleagues/work friends!

Throughout the week, we video call with the whole team to see what everyone’s been up to. Like this morning, we all got on Zoom to have a chat about how our weekends were and what our main goals were for the week.  Even though it’s not always work-related, it’s a great chance to have a catch up, ask questions or voice any worries we have. Speaking out about our worries ensures that we all stay in a positive frame of mind and a problem shared, is a problem halved.

Try and implement great communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom (where you can have up to 50 people in a meeting) to stay in contact with your team.

Keep talking and we’ll get through it together! #StayAtHomeSaveLives

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