CV Drop Timesheets
22nd September 2021

10 Year Anniversary Message

Today is Owen Daniels Consultancy 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! 10 years ago the idea was registered and a couple months later, ODC launched into the market as a recruitment agency set to change the face of recruitment and deliver a relationship focussed service. ODC started with 2 employees with the aim of providing a recruitment solution with a different twist where we build the relationship around the client’s expectation. I believed businesses wanted to work with 1-2 contacts for the long term, not 5-10, as I felt this was a much more personal way of working where you have ‘client specialist’ not a team of people covering different departments.


We gained momentum over the first few years and I put our success down to the people that have been hired, empowering employees through trust and development has been, and always will be, key to our growth. Throughout the 10 years as a company ODC have moved offices 8 times, ensured we grew with the emerging Manufacturing/Engineering markets/technology, tackled Covid and even managed to squeeze in 2 company holidays (hopefully with more to come!) and now it’s time to step it up….


As we look ahead into the next decade, ODC is more determined than ever to provide a transformative service to our clients. We are not looking to just be the one-off solution but the consultancy that offers long term partnerships that add value to businesses through transparency, high quality resources and expertise. Having set a solid foundation I will be pushing strong headcount growth year on year for the foreseeable future and I can’t wait to see how far we can go.


I want to thank all our clients who have worked with us over the last 10 years, it’s with your feedback that we can constantly improve our service and in turn expand as a business. Finally, I want to thank the whole of the ODC team (past and present) who have consistently produced incredible results. Each year we have gone from strength to strength and I still feel it’s only just the beginning.